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MLB executive vp: embrace disruption in youth sports

The youth sports model is being disrupted by technology, not unlike what's happened to newspapers, cable TV, books and many other sectors. MLB's Chris Marinak says leaders need to redefine the value of sports to compete with digital entertainment. 

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How a vermont town nurtures so many olympians

New York Times reporter Karen Crouse has seen scores of aimless Olympic athletes whose whole lives are paved in Olympic gold. Norwich, Vermont teaches the opposite approach can work. Not overemphasizing sports has produced the unlikeliest of Olympic pipelines.

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NCAA VPS: colleges must help fix broken KIDS sports

NCAA Executive Vice President Oliver Luck and Chief Medical Officer Brian Hainline wrote a data-driven column about the value of kids in multiple sports. They called on sport communities to consider adding NCAA rules to reduce early recruiting, as lacrosse did.


There’s a time to sort the weak from the strong in sports. It’s not before kids grow into their bodies, minds and true interests. Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program Editorial Director Jon Solomon writes about different experiences with his sons in youth sports and why Project Play recommends coaches and leagues invest equally to develop all kids.