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 MALIBU, CA-AUGUST 16: Kobe Bryant and Jeff Stibel pose for a portrait at Dun & Bradstreet on August 16, 2016 in Malibu, California. (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/Bernstein Associates, Inc.

Kobe Bryant: how Project Play can "Change the World"

In a recent Project Play 2020 Q&A, NBA legend Kobe Bryant discussed the value of multisport play and good coaches, and why he is partnering with Project Play. Bryant will be a featured speaker at the 2018 Project Play Summit on Oct. 16 in Washington D.C. 

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Project play after 5 years: Progress, Next Steps

Tom Farrey examines the latest youth sports participation data from 2017 and explains what it means for the movement by hundreds of organizations. Five years after Project Play launched, there are signs of progress and challenges remain.

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HSS CEO: We owe parents awareness on sports health

Lou Shapiro, CEO of the Hospital for Special Surgery, joined us for the latest Project Play 2020 Q&A. Shapiro talks about his hospital’s interest in the Healthy Sport Index, the first tool that assesses the relative benefits and risks of the most popular high school sports.

top 10 youth sports stories of 2018


Project Play selected the stories in 2018 we deem the most important for the largest number of children collectively around the country. They’re about systematic failures and policy changes, new research and old scandals, emerging trends and longstanding truths.

Our list shows that progress is being made. And it’s a reminder that so many challenges remain.