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What's the model for Latino soccer in the u.s.?

U.S. youth soccer is a pay-to-play venture dominated by the suburban middle class. It's leaving behind many Latino youth, whose culture is often identified by its passion for soccer. Four grassroots innovators show what the models look like to engage Latinos.

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is lack of fun driving away kids from sports?

Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program Executive Director Tom Farrey analyzes U.S. youth sports for an international audience with the BBC. Said one New York child: "I don't like coaches putting pressure on you and thinking that (you have to) win."

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NCAA VPS: colleges must help fix broken KIDS sports

NCAA Executive Vice President Oliver Luck and Chief Medical Officer Brian Hainline wrote a data-driven column about the value of kids in multiple sports. They called on sport communities to consider adding NCAA rules to reduce early recruiting, as lacrosse did.


There’s a time to sort the weak from the strong in sports. It’s not before kids grow into their bodies, minds and true interests. Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program Editorial Director Jon Solomon writes about different experiences with his sons in youth sports and why Project Play recommends coaches and leagues invest equally to develop all kids.