In 2019, the Aspen Institute produced a report landscaping youth sports in Hawai’i. The project was in partnership with the Liliuokalani Trust, a private operating foundation for the benefit of orphan and destitute children with preference given to Native Hawaiian children.

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Sports is and has always been a huge draw for Hawaiian children. Not a weekend goes by where you won’t see the majority of parks teeming with bright colored jerseys, screaming parents and smiling children. Drive down any street, in any Hawaiian neighborhood, on a weekday afternoon and you’ll see countless numbers of pick-up football, basketball and even baseball games being played by children as young as 5 or 6.

The report was released around the 2019 Project Play Summit and identify areas that the Native Hawaiian population and in particular, Kamaliʻi, can take greater advantage of sporting across the state as a continued lifestyle.

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