Ask Kids What They Want

It's Rule No. 1 in business: know your customer.

Video games and technology often get blamed for our kids' sedentary habits. Yet they provide much of what kids want out of a sport experience: action, freedom to experiment, competition without exclusion, social connection with friends as co-players, customization, and control over the activity without parents critiquing their every move. Now imagine if youth sport providers worked half as hard to understand the needs of kids.

Welcome to Ask Kids What They Want, the Project Play blog where youth are in charge and write about what they want from their sports experiences. This space is a sounding board for youth to periodically share what they like and don't like in sports.

Want to join the conversation? Anyone between the ages of 6-17 may submit a story for consideration (no more than 800 words). Send submissions to Editorial Director Jon Solomon at The Aspen Institute will make all publication decisions and reserves the right to edit content.

What do kids want? Ask them.

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