It’s not easy helping your child navigate today’s pressurized world of youth sports. This page offers free resources developed by Project Play and its partners, whether your goal is finding the best sport or local program for your child, mobilizing your community to improve its state of play, or coaching kids more effectively. All resources can be found at the below links.

The Playbook

Project Play identified eight promising strategies (“plays”) that parents can use to get their child off the couch – without running them into the ground. Our playbook includes tip sheets, advice from pro athletes, and other helpful resources.


Project Play Parent Checklists offer 10 simple questions that parents can ask their child, themselves, and sport providers to create a positive experience. Choose between three checklists, based on the child’s age and level of activity.


At what age do kids start to play each sport today? How much are families paying to keep them in the game? Who’s applying the most pressure to perform? Our exclusive national survey of parents helps put your child’s experience in perspective.

Project Play Parents Mailbag

Youth sports today can be stressful and confusing. Some kids are left behind due to costs or ability. Others are having poor experiences due to the adults (coaches, parents, league organizers). Often, parents are left alone to figure it all out.

Project Play is here to help. Each month, we will offer advice on key questions submitted by parents and caregivers. Got one? Send it here.

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Kobe’s Advice to Parents

“Sports used to be something that kids go out and do for fun. But now it’s become so regimented where parents start to inject their own experiences or past failures onto their children, and it just takes the fun out of it.”

– Kobe Bryant, NBA Legend

This page was inspired by Project Play 2020, comprised of leading organizations that aim to grow national sport participation rates and related metrics among youth. Member organizations (below) identified parent empowerment as a key opportunity and this page was launched with our “Don’t Retire, Kid” campaign, developed by Arnold Worldwide. Special thanks to ESPN, the Ralph C Wilson, Jr. Foundation and the U.S. Tennis Association for helping fund the campaign, and to Kobe Bryant and all the athletes helping to drive awareness.

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