Sport for All, Play for Life Playbook


Introduced in 2015, the Sport for All, Play for Life playbook is the byproduct of convening more than 250 leaders in 10 roundtables and other events. Visit the Sport for All, Play for Life website. The report offers an ambitious plan to reimagine organized youth sports while recognizing the benefits of unstructured play. Eight breakthrough strategies can help build healthy communities.

1. Ask Kids What They Want

2. Reintroduce Free Play

3. Encourage Sport Sampling

4. Revitalize In-Town Leagues

5. Think Small

6. Design for Development

7. Train All Coaches

8. Emphasize Prevention

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy provided the keynote address at the 2015 Project Play Summit. In a first for his office, Murthy used his speech to establish the role of youth sports in addressing the needs of public health, while lauding the Sport for All, Play for Life report as a model for cross-sector collaboration. "You have built a very powerful roadmap," he said.