Who We Work With

The work of Project Play is informed by the knowledge, ideas and contributions of hundreds of organizations and thought leaders. Our network includes groups – big, medium and small – in each of the eight sectors that touch the lives of children. Thank you to the organizations listed below for supporting our work. And thank you to every stakeholder who is collectively helping us build healthy communities by making quality sport accessible to all youth, regardless of zip code or ability.

project play 2020 Members

Project Play 2020 Technical Advisors: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ketchum Sports & Entertainment

Major League Baseball is proud to join this collective effort to work toward the well-being of today’s children who will become tomorrow’s athletes.
— Chris Marinak, Major League Baseball executive vice president

Community Network

The regional State of Play reports developed by Aspen helped identify the challenges our regions face, but more importantly, they also shared the opportunities that everyone in our community – parents, educators, funders and leaders – can pursue for improvement.”
— Dave Egner, Ralph C. Wilson Jr., Foundation CEO

Research Partners

Project Play demonstrates the value and power of cross-sectional collaboration among industry leaders. As an organization committed to the musculoskeletal health and safety of children, HSS is proud to help guide the development of healthy children and communities through safe participation in sport.
— Louis Shapiro, Hospital for Special Surgery president/CEO

2019 Project Play Summit Sponsors

Today’s generation of kids is the least active in history. No one can solve this problem alone – that’s why the collaborative dialogue that Project Play creates is so necessary.
— Caitlin Morris, Nike general manager of community impact


Project Play Champions are organizations taking new, meaningful, specific actions consistent with the strategies of Project Play. Annually, we select organizations to be Project Play Champions. See our list of Project Play Champions and congratulations to all of the winners..


What can you do? These organizations are taking actions consistent with strategies identified in the Project Play report.

If you would like to work with us to build healthy communities through sports, contact sportsandsociety@aspeninstitute.org. If interested in sponsoring the 2019 Project Play Summit, please contact Emily Stets at emily.stets@aspeninstitute.org