The Grades are In

New report takes measure of youth sports today

Grow Access to Sport

First Lady issues call to action at Project Play Summit

The Playmakers

450+ leaders at the intersection of youth, sport, and health gathered for 2016 Project Play Summit

The Playbook

Project Play releases 8-point plan help stakeholders get kids off the couch -- without running them into the ground

Multi-Sport Play

A groundbreaking endorsement by leagues, NGBs, USOC, NCAA, other groups, in response to Project Play



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Three South Side Chicago kids, all grown up



Michelle Obama headlined the 2016 Project Play Summit in conversation with her brother, ESPN’s Craig Robinson. Michael Wilbon, co-host of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption moderated, taking the duo through their childhood, sports parenting, and the importance of making sport affordable and accessible for all youth — regardless of zip code or ability.



September 8| Washington, DC

As president of the NCAA, Mark Emmert leads one of the most influential and far-reaching organizations in all of sports. Nearly 1,100 universities and colleges with more than 19,000 teams and 480,000 athletes in three divisions are members of the NCAA, whose policies and practices impact the lives of people – and not just fans – in every community in United States.

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